newbie 4th JaPH

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How do you like this newbie's 4th JaPH attempt?                                            
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Not bad.  I'm somewhat surprised that you can use $2 as a loop variable.  I 
wonder if that's a bug.

Why join @p to print it?  Why not just print "@p\n"?

- -- 
$_ = reverse sort $ /. r , qw p ekca lre uJ reh
ts p , map $ _. $ " , qw e p h tona e and print
Thank you :)

I wanted to use @1, $2, $3 (for $s) and $4 (for $c), but perl (or
Perl?) complained.
I don't see any references to $2, $3, and $4 in perldoc perlvar except
for regexes which I'm not using.

What do they mean?
Or where can I find out what do they mean?


I tried to understand your JaPH ... finally made it!
with a lot of trial and error in recoding it, trying to guess where the
lists started and ended and where the instructions started and ended.
That is their only significance: they hold the contents of the
bracketed sections of the last successful match.

perlvar states they are read-only, which is why Perl complained about
your use of $3 and $4. That it didn't complain about $2 is wrong, and
is (I think) to do with the special way that globals are treated when
used as the iterator of a for loop. @1 is (currently) not special, but
you should not use it as it is reserved for Perl, which means it may
become so one day.

(Note, for your (probable) immediate change, that $a and $b are
special as well... :)

Thank you for a very good explanation.

hehe, thanks again