SQL variant

SCSH - the Scheme Shell

I maybe just do not know how to formulate a search about this, so I'll
ask here,

Has there ever been a database-access language patterned on

I've been reading Chris Date and Fabian Pascal on the deficiencies and
non-relatinal nature of SQL.


I'm just now learning scheme and it seems to me that with its clean
mathematical underpinning (overarching mathematical orientation?) it
would make an ideal language for truly relational database

Never having designed a language I would have NO IDEA what such a
query language would look like.                                            
Sam wrote

A look into the logic programming camp may be worthwhile, at least if
you are interested into extensions of the classical relational model, too.
A random link, just googled:
Constraint Programming and Database Query Languages

As far as I --accidentally-- know, there is some research going on
about the expressiveness of database query languages.  (Think of a
database relating railway stations:  x is railwise next to y,  and query
it for a connection from Irkutsk to Perpignan, in SQL -- or relational
algebra, for that matter...)