Linux on Sony PS3 and Toshiba HD-DVD player

Support for and criticism of the Java System

I got a PS3 recently so I can watch hi-def blu-ray movies and have
started to explore the system...

Question: The PS3 can be converted to a Linux box, or does it actually
run on lInux? I know the competing format (HD-DVD) used to use Linux
to run the first gen Toshiba players.

I am also starting to explore BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java), which is the
JavaME (J2ME) framework that is used to create interactivity in the
blu-ray format. The opposing application format is iHD from Microsoft,
which is used in HD-DVD players and discs.

Unlike JavaME on mobile devices though, it's somewhat harder to create
and test these apps, but I think it would be pretty cool to create
apps that run on movies ;-)                                            
The Sony Playstation3 uses some firmware, but it enables you to create a
separate partition(s), on which you can install Linux distributions. Some
were prepared especially for the PS3, with ease of installation in mind.