Tools which import C and output high level info... - do they exist?

The C programming language

Hi all

Is anyone familiar with any tool sets that will import C code and buil
top level diagrams/structure information? (Would also be interested in
Visual C++ similar tool too).

As with many uncontrolled projects that are extremely late and cost
sensitive we have had a multitude of coders and minimal top-level
documentation has resulted - just buggy code!

I'm looking to help this project out (whilst also pushing for almost
mandatory use of UML/case tools in the first place)
however I need to resolve this issue first.

Of course I'm probably asking for miracles but I have seen significant
improvements in tool chains over the last two or so years and so
wondered if anyone could recommend any.

Semantic Designs offers DMS with its C and C++ front ends.
These tools parse C and C++ exactly as the compilers do,
and can be configured to make such information available.  It handles
ANSI C, MSVisualC, and GNU C, as well as
ANSI C++, MS Visual 6 C++, as well as the .NET
variants such as MS Managed C++.