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rb group,

i searched though the newsgroup archive and rb lang ref, but i still
could use some help with this one...

my program saves a settings text file with a custom icon. this was done
by saving it with a custom mactype/creator and filetype (other than the
default application/text).

I was happy to be able to save files with a custom icon. But this
presented a new problem:

when this document is double clicked in the finder, it launches my rb
app. this is nice, but since i cant figure out how to get the program
to read this data file upon it being double-clicked, this doesnt help.

so basically, how does the program know
1) if the app was launched via a data file and
2) the folderpath of this file.
With these 2 bits of data the program could then read this data file.

any help would be appreciated. thank you.                                            
Actually, application/text would work fine provided you fill in your own 
creator code (and provide an icon for that type).

You put some code in the App.OpenDocument event.  This is covered in the 
tutorial, I think.

- Joe

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