Need help getting Modula-3 going on Xubuntu box

Discussion about the Modula-3 language

Hey Group ...

Anybody running CM3 on an X(Ubuntu) or Debian box, that can me some
hints on how to install it? TIA ...                                            
Everybody relax! :D  I got it cm3 up and running.

What a GREAT system! The CM3_IDE is pretty cool.

Is the cm3 tutorial at the opencm3 site suppose to appear in CM3_IDE?
I can't seem to get anything to happen with the IDE tutorial link.
Hi all:
good question, it's supposed though it must be in the standard
location (default is /usr/local/cm3/doc, at least if anything found it
assumes that, I think it warns that, doesn't it? )

To download, since it's not packages anyhow:

cvs -d login

cvs -d checkout cm3/


Hope it helps and thanks in advance
(any other interesting cm3 related questions you may redirect if so to
Thanks for the cvs info!

On my install,


is empty. So I'll load it up using "cvs".
Much obliged!