errors with Fedora 3 and the cm3 compiler

Discussion about the Modula-3 language

I could not post to the newsgroups for about 3 weeks, so I post it now.
The people on the m3devel mailinglist already got this information:

Here is a summary:

Here at elego we are getting reports on "runtime errors" and 
"segementation fault" running on Fedora 3. 
And ONLY on Fedora 3.
I used gdb ("gdb /usr/local/cm3/bin/cm3") and "set args @M3novm" and 
the cm3 works fine (without virtual memory protection). Then I tested 
some modula 3 code in my cm3 cvsworkspace. 

For example:

cd ~/work/cm3/m3-libs/m3core/src
cm3 @M3novm -realclean
cm3 @M3novm -build

So far I can tell everything compiled correct. I tested it on some other
modula 3 code also and everything works fine without the virtual memory

I tested a patch from Dragiša Durić for the pm3 compiler but had no luck
so far. I will tell you more details when I have more relevant details.


Michael Zoet                                            
Credit goes to [email protected], he did most of it when 2.6 came up.
Problems are Linux 2.6 kernel related.


<<I tested a patch from Dragiša Duric for the pm3 compiler but had no
luck >>