Running PB/CC executables under Linux

PowerBasic Inc. programming languages

One of my favorite tools that I use when designing hardware and 
software products is the PowerBASIC Console Compiler (PB/CC)
[ ].  It is perfect for
rapid development, exercising hardware, and writing utilities.

Alas, it only runs under Windows.  I know that I can dual boot
or run Windows under Linux with VMWare or Win4Lin, but that's
clumsy.  I want to run the .exe files that PB/CC creates directly
under Linux.  (Running the PB/CC compiler itself would be a nice 
bonus as well).

Something that I have been meaning to try for a long time is to
see if WINE [ ] will allow me to run
PB/CC executables under Linux.  Has anyone out there ever tried
this?  How about the PB/CC compiler itself?                                            
I have tried a couple of my PB Win programs under Wine and there were no 
problems. They were not particularly complex programs though so it 
didn't exactly stretch the emulation.

I used a Knoppix boot CD as a convenient way to test. See: