Setting axes range in function graphics

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I am embarrassed to ask this simple question, especially since I already asked it a couple of years ago (but I can't locate the question/answer in Google groups).

How does one set the axis range in function graphics?     I know you can set the xrange property

IDL> p = plot(indgen(10))
IDL> p.xrange = [2,6]

but how does one do this graphically?    If I double click on the plot, or click on the "Properties..."  button, I get a list of properties but axis range is not among them.    Similarly, if I click on one of the axes I get a list of axis properties but axis range is not among them.     There is a "Reset Axis Range" button which is great, if I could ever figure out how to set the axis range in the first place.

Ideally, I would be able set the X/Y ranges using the cursor (i.e. draw a box over the desired plot range), though I don't remember this capability being mentioned in the previous answer.

Thanks, --Wayne                                            
I believe you'll have to make do with a combination of pan (press and hold the middle mouse button) and zoom (scroll wheel, after optionally selecting a single axis). See the "Graphics Window Interface" section in the online help.
Actually, "pan' is just what I need - drawing a box to define a new X and Y range.    As a Macbook user, I sometimes forget that I have a middle mouse button (Shift + click).        Thanks!  --Wayne