Quoting multiple lines


Using Perl here documents

Perl offers a convenient way of printing multiple lines of output
through an interesting feature known as a "Perl here document". A
multiline Perl here document works like this:

   1. The first line of your command will include the two characters
<< followed by a "special" identifier string, followed by a semi-
colon. (For my example I will use the identifier string FOO. More on
this shortly.)
   2. Next, just enter all of the lines of output that you want to
   3. When you are ready to terminate the output, put your special
identifier string on a line by itself to end the output.

Confused? Probably. Here's an example of how to use this. Imagine you
wanted to print a few lines from the Gettysburg address from inside of
a Perl program:

print <<FOO;
Four score and seven years ago
our fathers set onto this continent
(keep going here ...)

Does Icon/Unicon have this capability?  I've searched with no success,
but I could very well have missed it. TIA...                                            
Found a solution:

write("<h1>Testing the <em>write</em> function</h1>_
	 <p>This is a new line</p>_
	 <p>This is another new line</p>_

The above is a snippet from a do-nothing CGI script I wrote to learn
to do CGI in Icon.

Save a /whole lot/ of write("...") statements. ;) More readable, IMHO.