Delphi for Mac?

Macintosh based Pascals

Is there such a thing? My search results with google where rather
disappointing. Is there really no commercial/ open source

- No commercial.

- Free Pascal is working on one (see, and while
the compiler runs on Macs with Linux and NetBSD, there are some humps to
take before we can target Mac OS X.
A few more months at least.
Hi Marco,

Is this why Free Pascal for OS-X wouldn't install on my Mac Mini?

You have to install XCode before Free Pascal will install (but for some 
reason the installer refuses to show my error message which tells you 
this, and instead simply says "This software cannot be installed on this 
computer" or something similar).

Hi Jonas,

Yes after writing my message I found the page that talked about it.

So I now have FPC running on my mac mini. If I build an interface w/ 
XCode, can FPC use it?

Not yet, because generating a library does not yet work under Mac OS X. 
However, even afterwards, it will be the other way round: if you build 
an interface with Interface Builder, then you will be able to call FPC 
code from within the Objective C hooks it generates (just like you can 
call plain C code from that).

The reason library support is needed, is so that the correct unit 
initialisation code gets called at startup.

I take the "not yet" to be a promise of things to come? That would be 
wonderful news for those of us not interested in learning too much 
Objective-C. Either a native Lazarus or the ability to use IB would make 
me a very happy *former* REALbasic user on the Mac.

I'd rather use Delphi or FreePascal any day... especially after looking 
at Lazarus with envy.

- Scott
Depends on community effort. To my knowledge, nobody has started work on
the native widget sets yet. Lazarus runs, but only using X.

The response on the Mac version is very good, but is still limited to non
visual code afaik

For Carbon, Apple Universal Interfaces are available, but nobody is working
on a Lazarus Carbon port. I haven't seen any COCOA work done yet in FPC, not
even demoes.

It's a community effort. It's hard to give a timescale, since everything
depends on a maintainer stepping up to do the work. And that Carbon or COCOX
maintainer probably has to come from the Mac community.
Of course, library support will certainly be added in time.

As Marco noted, Lazarus is a whole other can of worms. It's a lot more 
work to get that one to generate native Mac apps.

Clarification: Mac apps with an Aqua GUI. Of course the X11 apps you can 
build with it run natively under X11 under Mac OS X as well.