where is Cheesecake BASIC?

Other dialects and aspects of BASIC

I read it from cheesecake-basic-v3-alpha-available-296421.html, but I
cannot find the download site. Does anybody know where I can find a
copy? thanx
heesecake BASIC version 3 (alpha) is now available from (URL address
blocked: See forum rules)

This is a bytecode-based BASIC very compatible with QBasic. Many QBasic
programs will run under Cheesecake BASIC with little or no

Cheesecake BASIC is a 32-bit windows console application, but programs
DS-specific features (e.g. sound, graphics) are run by a 16-bit virtual

Programs can be run from their source, or they can be compiled into
stand-alone executables.
Version 0.1 is available at


I can't find version 2.0 or 3.x anywhere.

I don't think Noktosoft is in the business anymore.

Tom Lake
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